Why does our society accept the killing of healthy animals? It is so distressing that so many people think that the answer to overpopulation is to kill them. We live in a disposable society and that is one reason that people accept it. I will never comprehend why people think it is okay to “GET RID OF” their pets as easily as an old pair of shoes. Unfortunately, pets are considered property and, like any property, some people take good care of their things and others don’t.
The ways people dispose of their pets is as varied as the reasons they give. Why would someone think it is okay to throw an innocent kitty or puppy out of a moving car?
There is no way on earth that someone can justify this atrocity. When people take an animal to a shelter they always seem to think that their pets are cute enough, or unusual enough, or sweet enough, or special enough in some way that they will be lucky enough to find a home. However, if those pets aren’t good enough for those people to keep, how can they delude themselves into thinking those pets are good enough for someone else?
I am astonished that someone could relinquish their pet because they were MOVING, or having a baby, or simply for convenience sake. Pets are part of our families, and depend on us like children. How can they be relinquished so casually?
I just wish that we would NO LONGER ACCEPT KILLING AS A MEANS OF PET OVERPOPULATION CONTROL. Please spay and neuter your pets, and show them the RESPECT they deserve.
Look at what people do to children, would we accept the killing of children who are abandoned and cannot find a home?
One answer to animal overpopulation is to spay and neuter ever cat and dog no matter what breed they are. Every breed winds up at shelters every day all over the country.
Why do people go to pet stores when they hear about “puppy mills” all the time? Dogs from pet stores wind up at shelters every day. Why is one dog or cat more valuable than any other? They all are living breathing creatures with feelings.
stop-the-killingWhy can’t people understand that when cats or dogs are taken to a shelter their whole personality may change. The most loving cats or dogs can become aggressive reclusive simply because they are scared. People should just imagine themselves in the same position as these displaced, frightened cats and dogs. I’m sure if they would think about how it feels they would realize that cats and dogs have feelings too. They all are unique and have their own personalities.
A small child who had come into a shelter for a tour asked the employee “How do you put them to sleep?” Why are children told that these animals are ”put to sleep” when the fact is that they are ” KILLED?” Children are being taught that it is okay to kill animals by “putting them to sleep” instead of raising them to be responsible adults that
will respect the lives of these beautiful creatures. What are we teaching our children?
When I go to a shelter I don’t know who will be there and who will be gone. Did they go to loving, lifetime homes or have they gotten sick and been killed because of human failure?
Has the shelter run out of space? Did they have to eliminate some to make room for all the others waiting for their chance to find someone to LOVE them.
You never know who will be returned after being adopted into what you hope would have been a loving, lifetime home. Did people take them home and decide it just wasn’t working because they did not completely adjust in a day or two? Or did people buy them like inanimate objects to be disposed of for the most superficial of reasons? Were
they not “perfect?” Are these people perfect?
I look at beautiful, innocent faces just wanting LOVE and ATTENTION. They are such innocent creatures who have done nothing worse than being born. What sin could they have committed to end up in cages like common criminals?
They are there because people do not value them. They are there because humans decided they no longer had any use for them. They are there because someone moved on in life and left the “things” they did not want behind. Or because some committed a crime and their pet is the one given a life or death sentence. They are there because people who are ignorant or don’t respect themselves do not see the value of these beautiful creatures. They consider them purposeless and unworthy of respect, simply property to be discarded like yesterday’s trash.
Why are these precious ones created, only to be cast aside? They are non-judgmental, loving balls of fur. They don’t care what you wear or what you look like. They just want to love and be loved. What more could anyone want in life? If only we could change places with them for just one day. Perhaps we would learn to understand them.
We might realize that they value their lives as much as we do. We might learn that every living thing has its place on earth. We might find that if only we were a little more like “animals”, then perhaps we would have a more “perfect” world.
Please help all of the disposable pets in our society. Too many innocent lives are thrown away every day through no fault of their own. It is because of HUMAN FAILURE.
I pity anyone who has not known the unconditional LOVE of a pet. It is their loss. If you truly love animals, please help in their fight. There are too many healthy, loving pets lost every day because people don’t want to know or don’t want to get involved.
Just because you don’t acknowledge something doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.
You can close your eyes to it, but it doesn’t stop innocent animals from dying every day. Please open your eyes and your heart and help to stop this senseless killing.
Killing is not the answer and we cannot accept it as a way of controlling animal overpopulation.
Spaying and neutering is one answer. Another is to make pet adoption a LIFETIME commitment. Open your eyes and heart, and help <h2>STOP THE KILLING!</h2>